Andrew Simpson Smith is a member of a pre-Rusty village that was kept as a scientific experiment to examine the primal nature of humans. 

Biography Edit

Andrew Simpson Smith inherited the role of village holy man from his father, who was killed in the blood feud with another tribe. 

Pretties Edit

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Andrew Simpson Smith helped Tally Youngblood escape the village to the Rusty Ruins. Andrew's village was part of a Specials experiment. He called Tally 'Young Blood' and regarded her as a goddess.  

His father was also a holy man. He helped Tally to 'the edge of the world' and would not pass because of the 'little men'. In actuality, it was really a boundary between the village and the wild.

He helped the Smokies by handing out locators to travelers seeking the Smoke.  Unknown to him, however, the Smoke had already been destroyed by then.

Extras Edit

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Andrew was roaming the Rusty Ruins of Tally's city when he spotted the Extras salvaging its metal. He reported his discovery to Tally, but the Extras must have seen Andrew spying on them because they soon kidnapped him, taking him all the way to Singapore. They taught Andrew what their ultimate goal was -protecting nature from humanity by leaving the Earth to live in space- and hoped Tally Youngblood would come to rescue her friend so that he could explain it to her. However, Aya Fuse, Hiro, and Frizz stumble across Andrew first. He teaches them about the Extras' hidden motives instead, but before any of them can find Tally and explain to her, they can hear her blowing something up.

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