An armory is a building that stores weaponry.

Background Edit

After the Rusty Crash, the new cities built advanced armories to contain dangerous Rusty-era weapons including handguns, spy tech, armored vehicles, and even weapons that could devastate entire cities. These armories were also used as museums where Rusty relics could be safely stored and researched, such as gas masks. Controlled by Special Circumstances, armories were tightly secured with automatic defenses designed to kill trespassers. In Tally's city at least, the building is dark and windowless with four auto-cannons at each corner.

Specials Edit

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In order to prove to Special Circumstances that Zane is still bubbly enough to become a Special, new Cutters Tally and Shay break into their city's armory (making it look like Zane organized the whole idea) primarily to steal a tool that can cut through the orbital alloy interface chain around Zane's neck. Hidden by their sneak suits, Tally and Shay use their hoverboards to launch themselves silently onto the armory's roof. Undetected, Shay gains access to the inside of the building by throwing her knife to the ground below, immediately setting off alarms and causing the doors behind them to release a deadly machine to investigate the disturbance. Tally and Shay slip inside before the doors close and soon find themselves in a large room filled with ancient machines, meant for both construction and war. Exploring further, they find a room filled with shelves holding everything from night-vision goggles to rifles to the tool they need to cut Zane's necklace. But before they can think of making their getaway, a late-pretty scientist and three hovercams enter the room.

One of the hovercams seems to notice Tally, so she kills it quickly at Shay's command, instantly setting off alarms and locking down the exits. Shay breaks open a bottle of hunger nanos, silvery goo that consumes nearly everything it touches, transforming it into more of itself. It quickly eats through the floor, allowing the two Cutters to escape and changing the tone of the alarms to one of evacuation. Using a combination of grenades and silver nanos, Shay and Tally escape the armory while simultaneously destroying it.

Soon enough, all that remains of the building designed fight city-wrecking wars is nothing but a smoking crater.

The city, terrified at being attacked and panicky that war has come back to the world after centuries of peace, place Dr, Cable in temporary command of the whole city. Unable to admit her own Cutters are so out of control, she blames the destruction on Diego. Knowing that Diego is helping the Smokies, Dr. Cable uses the armory's destruction as an excuse to begin a war between the cities and hopefully squash the New Smoke for good.

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