Astrix is a member of the original Crims.

Biography Edit

As an Ugly, Astrix was in the same dorm as Zane, Shay, Ho, and Croy. Together, they became the original Crims. She and the other Crims were doubtful when Zane insisted that it was possible to run away from the city and live in the wild, but her doubts were soothed when they met David one day in the Rusty Ruins. He told them about his home, the Smoke, and offered to guide them there. They accepted and successfully made it to the Smoke except for Zane and Shay, who were too scared to go when it came down to it.

Uglies Edit

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She, along with every Smokie, is captured by Special Circumstances when Tally accidentally activates her tracker. Seeing a barefoot Tally escape on a hoverboard, Astrix and the other Smokies defiantly leave behind their shoes for her.

She is rescued by Tally and David before she is forced to become Pretty against her will and stays behind in the wild, helping to rebuild the New Smoke.

Pretties Edit

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When the Crims finally escape the city and arrive at the New Smoke, not much time passes before a tracking signal goes off, broadcasting the New Smoke's location. Astrix and the other Smokies frantically scan everything they have in an attempt to find the signal's origin, but its Tally who realizes that the tracker is inside Zane's tooth. As Special Circumstances draws ever closer, they are forced to leave him behind. Although Dr. Cable sends her special, hoverboard-riding Cutters after them, Astrix manages to escape capture.

Trivia Edit

  • She may have been the Smokie girl passing out the cure at the party the Cutters crashed.
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