Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies is a companion book to the Uglies series. It includes a list of Uglies slang, a guide to hoverboarding, a descrition of the cliques, reasons for character's names, and much more.

Official Description Edit

The world of Uglies, set in our not-so-distant future, is a complex place filled with bubbly technology and lingo, yet bogus rules about status and appearance. That's why a guide to the world of uglies has been requisitioned from the hole in the wall. Inside you'll find: 

A rundown on all the cliques, from Crims and Cutters to tech-heads and surge-monkeys 

The complete history, starting with the destruction of the oil bug to the launch of Extras in space 

How all those awesome gadgets came to be: hoverboards, eyescreens, skintennas, sneak suits... 

PLUS an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld's first draft of Extras -- starring Hiro, not Aya. 

And so much more, it's mind-wrecking. [1]

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