The Cutters were first a Pretty clique founded by Shay as she tried to find a way to break free from her bubbleheadedness. Later, they became a part of Special Circumstances as Dr. Cable's special Specials.


Pretties Edit

When Tally was given two pills (the cure for the lesions in Pretties' brains), she split them with Zane. When she tells Shay about it, she's furious that Tally didn't think to split them with her instead. She decides to find her own cure through pain and consequently forms the Cutters. Recruiting at least two Crims and seven other Pretties who want to be Crims but weren't accepted, Shay leads them out into a clearing on a cold rainy day. Making eye contact with every member of her group, she drops her winter coat on the ground, exposing her bare arms to the freezing rain. Slowly and slightly nervous, the others follow her example. Taking a long knife and fixing the others once more with her gaze, Shay slowly, deliberately cuts her forearm. Raising it so that the others can see the blood flow freely, she hands the knife to the others so that they, too, can cut their arms in an effort to clear their minds of the Pretty haze.

Specials Edit

After a while, Dr. Cable took interest in them as her "special Specials" and they became a branch of the Special Circumstances. It was said they were Dr. Cable's pride and "pets" as she allowed them to get almost any surge or weapon that they wanted because they became different and inspired fear in their enemies. The Cutters are well known because they cut themselves with knives.  

In the third book, a cure for Specials was created by Maddy, and all the Specials, including all the Cutters are cured, including Dr. Cable. However, as Tally is about to be operated on, Dr. Cable rescues her and asks her to escape into the wild, as Tally is the last real Cutter, not wanting all of her work to be destroyed.

While Tally stays in the wild, the other Cutters live and protect Diego as their police force

Trivia Edit

  • There are either sixteen or seventeen Cutters.
  • Most of the Cutters have flash tattoos.
  • Instead of saying the Pretty word "bubbly", the Cutters say "icy".
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