Uglies: Cutters is a graphic novel in the Uglies series which tells the story of Pretties from the point of view of Shay. It is the second in a series of two graphic novels, which will retell Uglies and Pretties from Shay's point of view.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Experience the riveting, dystopian Uglies series seen as never before—through the eyes of Shay, Tally Youngblood’s closest and bravest friend, who refuses to take anything about society at face value.

From the moment we are born, we are considered threats in need of ‘special’ management. We are watched and shaped and exploited by a force most of us never see. [...] All to keep us safe. [...] Do you feel safe?! Or do you feel like you’re in a cage?

–Shay, Uglies: Cutters

In Pretties, Tally Youngblood and her daring best friend, Shay, both underwent the operation that turned them from ordinary Uglies into stunning beauties. Now this thrilling new graphic novel reveals Shay’s perspective on living in New Pretty Town . . . and the way she sees it, there’s more to this so-called paradise than meets the eye. 

With the endless parties and custom-made clothes, life as a Pretty should be perfect. Yet Shay doesn’t feel quite right. She has little to no memory of her past; it’s as if something in her brain has inexplicably changed. When she reunites with Tally and the Crims—her rebellious group of friends from Uglyville—she begins to recall their last departure to the wild, and the headstrong leader she used to be. And as she remembers the truth about what doomed their escape, Shay decides to fight back—against the status quo, against the mysterious Special Circumstances, even against her own best friend. [1]

Characters Edit

Shay: The protagonist of this version of the story. She struggles to regain her memories, and imagines herself as a ranger responsible for protecting the forest and all its inhabitants on splash pages throughout the graphic novel.

Zane: Leader of the Crims and Shay's friend from Ugly days. He helps Shay remember pieces of her past, and is her boyfriend for a short time.

Ho: One of the Crims and Shay's friend from Ugly days.

Peris: One of the Crims and Tally's best friend from Ugly days. Tally tackles him off of a party tower to make use of his bungee jacket the night she gets voted into the Crims.

Tachs: One of the Crims and Shay's friend from Smokey days. They begin dating shortly after Tally moves to New Pretty Town.

Tally Youngblood: The protagonist of Pretties, one of the Crims and Shay's best friend. She has even more trouble than Shay remembering to stay bubbly.

Fausto: One of the Crims. He helps Shay and Tachs get to the radio tower on top of Valentino Mansion after Tally and Zane force the city to increase security there.

Dr. Cable: The head of Special Circumstances. She offers to make Shay a Special after the Breakthrough at the ice skating rink.

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