Diego is a city, presumed to be the future version of San Diego, about two weeks on a hoverboard from Tally's city.

Background Edit

Diego is where the New System, also known as the mind-rain, first took hold. Diego took in the new Smokies, who distributed the lesion-removing pills. Very few Diegoans have the lesions, as teachers, wardens, and Rangers are lesion-free, as are many other people. There are very few regulations regarding surge types. People can have skin ranging from snow white to coal black, snakes for pinkie fingers, and video screens for fingernails. They have no kind of Special Circumstances, so the wardens keep the peace, however after the Town Hall Strike, Shay’s cutters, excluding Tally, became the city’s defence force.

The despecialization of Shay and the cutters (excluding Tally), the Diego War, and Zane's death all occurred in Diego.

There are several parks in Diego, a rock climbing area, and a Town Hall. They have no military, which lead them to almost be destroyed when Tally's city attacked.

Most of the Cutters decided to stay in Diego after the Diego War.

Lead up to war Edit

A few weeks prior to the war between Diego and Tally‘s city, Special Circumstance agents Tally and Shay broke into the armoury of Tally's City in an attempt to break Zane out of the city. During the break in, ‘hunger’ in nano form was accidentally released. This destroyed most of the armory.

Unbeknownst to Tally and Shay, political tensions between Diego and Tally's City were rising, mainly due to opposing systems with Diego's adoption the mind-rain system and Tally's city's insistence on the Bubblehead system. Tally's city blamed Diego for the attack and thus declared war on the Diego.

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