Dorms are places of residence for Uglies from ages twelve to sixteen, or anyone after the mind-rain who can't afford their own residence yet.

Amenities Edit

The dorms in Tally's city include cafeterias, libraries, and drama rooms. Each room contains a mini-fridge, and can be personalized using the wallscreen, but are otherwise standardized. Each dorm is assigned a color designation, which is incorporated in the uniforms to make residents easily identifiable. Dorms have their own hoverboard teams which compete within their own city[1].

In the Prettytime, dorms are strictly regulated. A curfew is enforced and uglies are not allowed to wear clothes besides their dorm uniforms. The buildings are kept clean by the residents, who are assigned chores on a rotation. Security is primarily maintained with drones and remote devices rather than humans[2]. Tally finds her dorm very easy to escape at night by simply taking off her interface ring, tricking the minder with a small heater to simulate her body heat, and climbing out the window.

History Edit

In the Prettytime, Uglyville is designed specifically to make uglies uncomfortable and get them excited to turn sixteen, get the operation, and move to the significantly nicer New Pretty Town[3]. The dorms play a major role in this. Strict rules are enforced for where uglies are allowed to go and when, and dorm uniforms are designed to be uncomfortable and unattractive[2]. While the dorms do not appear to be closely monitored, they provide the environment for Special Circumstances to see which uglies are the trickiest, suited to a future as specials.

After the mind-rain, dorms are still used as residences for those too old to live with their parents but not yet old enough or able to afford to live alone. In Yokohama, uglies generally live in dorms, but are allowed to move out as soon as they've earned enough merits or have enough face rank to afford their own apartment or house. Dorms still have uniforms, but residents are allowed to wear whatever other clothes they can afford. Chores and classes are optional but an easy source of merits.

References Edit

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