Eden Maru is a famous hoverball player, a tech-head, and a member of the Sly Girls clique.

Biography Edit

Eden is an extremely skilled hoverball player and can use her lifter rigs to fly almost anywhere she wants. At some point, she became disillusioned with her fame and joined the Sly Girls, a clique that gave meaning to ambiguity.

Extras Edit

Aya discovers Eden and Lai (also known as Jai and Kai) are going to leave the city, because Aya is going to kick the story about the mag-lev surfing, and the Sly girls like staying hidden.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Eden plays left wing for the hoverball team known as the Swallows.
  • Eden is described to be "about eighteen, classic new-pretty surge with slightly manga eyes.[2]"

References Edit

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