Frey is the identical twin sister of Rafi. Frey is the main character and protagonist in Impostors.

Appearance Edit

Frey and Rafi are identical twin daughters of Father. Frey has more muscle than Rafi so she tones to match. When Rafi gains weight, Frey wears sculpted body armor.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Their mother was a natural pretty killed during the pretty era before they were born by rebel kidnappers when she resisted the kidnapping of their 7-year-old son, Seanan. Their father had her mother's eggs harvested so that he could have more children. Frey was born 26 minutes after Rafi, so she was designated Rafi's body double. Frey started combat training when she was 7 years old.

Sensei Noriko Edit

Sensei Noriko was Rafi's etiquette tutor when she was young. When Frey and Rafi were 9 years old, they decided to have Frey's curtsy refined, so they switched places for one day. Sensei Noriko sensed that something was wrong, so to prevent her from telling the other tutors, Frey told Sensei that she was Rafi's twin. Sensei Noriko was never seen again. The girls use this incident as a reminder of the dangers of revealing their secret to outsiders.

Assassin Attack Edit

When Frey and Rafi were 15 years old, they were giving a speech when an assassin attacked. The speech was originally supposed to be given by their father, who pulled out at the last moment. The attack began after she ended her speech and was on her way to the viewing balcony. Frey was about to switch places with Rafi when the sniper opened fire. A bullet shattered some wood which led to splinters flying towards Rafi's face, resulting in a scar above her eyebrow.

Frey quickly jumped into action, crawling around overturned tables and chairs to get to the assassin. She used her pulse knife to cut through a table, causing an explosion of smoke and sawdust to disorient the assassin. The assassin coughed in the smoke, alerting Frey to his exact location. She killed him with her pulse knife. We later learn that the assassin was there to kill her father, going against Rebel orders. He is the lover of Boss X.

Trivia Edit

  • Frey and Rafi have identical scars above their right eyebrow.