Frizz Mizuno is a manga-head, a popular kicker, and Aya's boyfriend.


Frizz constantly truth-slanted and couldn't seem to bring himself to be honest. He decided to get a new type of brain surge that completely removed his ability to lie. As a side-effect, he had to share everything about his life on his feed and became quite popular, as did the clique he founded, Radical Honesty.

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Aya meets Frizz at a tech-head bash she's crashing. 

Frizz is a sixteen-year-old manga-head who's face rank climbed to below a thousand. Since his brain surgery forces him to tell the truth, he shows that he is interested in Aya from the moment he first saw her at the tech- head party where Aya excuses herself by saying that she needs to go after someone. They later meet, again, outside Akira Hall, after Aya rescues her hovercam, Moggle, from the underwater reservoir, after the Sly Girls dumped it. Aya finds herself awestruck by Frizz and fails to notice paparazzi cams shooting her and Frizz, as she is covered with slime and filth. Frizz later sends her a ping, saying he is sorry and he just realized why. Aya finds a picture of herself talking to Frizz, with the caption, "Who is that ugly-making slime with Frizz Mizuno?" 

Frizz then pings her skintenna, apologizing directly to Aya, where Aya claims that she should have known better, and it was not his fault. The two have a fairly short conversation, where Aya talks about the clique, called the Sly Girls, that she is going to kick and how it's a secret from them. Frizz doesn't think it's very nice of Aya to do so, and asks her how it is any different from slamming them, as they despise fame. Aya struggles with this, and Frizz ends the conversation by telling her that it's sometimes hard to tell what kind of person Aya is.

The two meet again at another tech-head bash after Aya kicks her story, where Frizz finally apologizes to her in person about getting Aya slammed and Aya denies his fault. Frizz asks her if he would have kicked the clique if it had not turned into saving the world. Aya lies to Frizz, saying no, thinking it would not be worthwhile to let go of Frizz when the price was just a lie.

After Aya's long and tiring feed interview, Frizz revives her with water and makes Aya guess her new face rank. She modestly guesses up to five hundred, where Frizz desperately struggles to hold in the truth, saying she is under-guessing. He finally bursts out that her face rank skyrocketed to seventeen.

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