Hiro Fuse is Aya's older brother and one of the most popular kickers in Yokohama.

Biography Edit

He became Pretty just a few months before the mind-rain fell. As a bubblehead, he was respectful to his parents and little sister and always gave them gifts when he visited for the holidays. When his lesions were removed, he instinctively understood how to kick stories and soon became one of the most popular kickers in the city.

Extras Edit

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Hiro was a bubblehead for a few months before the mind rain happened. At the beginning of Extras, he has just kicked a story about a clique of Crumblies that are trying to live forever. When Aya comes to him with the Sly Girls problem, he and his friend Ren Machino advise her and help her requisition what she needs to kick her story. When Aya kicks her story, he takes her to a party and helps her kick it. After the story goes and shoots Aya up to 17th most famous, he, Ren, and Frizz Mizuno, who Aya met after crashing a party at the beginning of the book, hide when Tally Youngblood pings them to run and hide because she and the Cutters are coming. He is with her almost all the way through the book, offering sometimes nonhelpful and sarcastic comments. He is even with her at the Thousand Faces Party, though he decides to get to know some of the other people there better and leaves her alone with Frizz through the end of the book.

Trivia Edit

  • Extras was originally going to be told from Hiro's point of view.
  • Hiro 's face rank at the beginning of Extras is 896.
  • Hiro was one of the first kickers before the term was even invented.
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