Ho is a member of the original Crims and is a Cutter.

Biography Edit

As an Ugly, Ho was in the same dorm as ZaneShayAstrix, and Croy. Together, they became the original Crims. He and the other Crims were doubtful when Zane insisted that it was possible to run away from the city and live in the wild, but his doubts were soothed when they met David one day in the Rusty Ruins. He told them about his home, the Smoke, and offered to guide them there. They accepted and successfully made it to the Smoke except for Zane and Shay, who were too scared to go when it came down to it.

However, Ho returned to the city because he couldn't handle the amount of work he was expected to do in the Smoke. He became a Pretty and rejoined Zane's Crims, now a Pretty clique.

Pretties Edit

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Although Crim, Ho becomes unsatisfied with his level of bubbliness and joins Shay's Cutters. He and the Cutters are soon asked by Dr. Cable to join Special Circumstances in exchange for permanent clear-thinking, and they accept. They are turned into a new version of Specials and are soon sent on their first mission to hunt down the New Smoke, and although most of the Smokies manage to escape, the Cutters succeed in capturing the rest of the Crims.

Specials Edit

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Disguised as Uglies, Ho and the other Crims crash an Ugly party to hunt down Smokies passing out the cure. When they find one, she leads them straight into an ambush where their special hoverboards and fellow Cutter Fausto are captured. Utterly humiliated, he and the other Cutters demand revenge. Shay sends them out to comb the wild for any clues to the New Smoke's whereabouts, mostly to give them something to do.

Some weeks later she calls them back to her and injects them with the Special cure, one by one. After the Diego War, Ho and the Cutters continue to help rebuild Diego.

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