Instant Food is a type of dehydrated meal developed by Special Circumstances for people camping out, or for Rangers. It is cooked with a water purifier. After adding a packet of Instant Food into the purifier, the water purifier heats the water to boiling and cooks the food.

History Edit

In Uglies, Dr. Cable gives Tally Youngblood two weeks worth of SpagBol, the freeze-dried spaghetti Bolognese, when she escapes to the Smoke. Tally soon develops a strong dislike to SpagBol.

Instant food can be used for trade in the Smoke as it is city-made and cannot be easily acquired in the wild without returning to the city.


  • SpagBol (Spaghetti Bolognese)
  • PadThai (Pad Thai)
  • EggSal (Egg Salad)
  • VegiRice (Vegetable Rice)
  • CurryNoods (Curry Noodles)
  • SwedeBalls (Swedish Meatballs)