The International Committee for Morphological Standards, also known as the Pretty Committee, design Pretty faces and bodies within a strict set of standards.

History Edit

About a century after the Rusty Crash, a group of scientists from every city contacted one another in order to solve the problem of human conflict. They rediscovered the idea of the "halo effect", where Rusty science had shown that beautiful people were treated better, got in less trouble, and were generally more happy and successful. The scientists thought that if they made everyone beautiful, humanity would stop killing each other and make the world a better place. They gathered together barbarian tribes and studied their violent, revenge-filled blood feuds, thinking that if they can get them to stop fighting, they could make anyone peaceful.

However, these early prototype Pretties still fought with one another despite their beauty. The scientists agreed that something else had to be done if they were to eliminate war forever, so they secretly developed the lesions that make them compliant and unaggressive.

These scientists eventually became the Pretty Committee.

Responsibilities Edit

The International Committee for Morphological Standards is a global organization of surgeons that design all Pretties in order to make sure that one city's Pretties don't wind up more beautiful than everyone else. They converge annually to exchange notes on anesthesia techniques, innovations, and beauty standards worldwide.

Trivia Edit

  • Maddy was once a member of the Pretty Committee before she was driven out of her city.
  • A group of  Pretties at the Valentino Mansion costume bash that Tally went to dressed as members of the Pretty Committee complete with lab coats and diagrams of the major Pretty types.