Ranger is a job offered to Pretties who are interested in protecting nature.

Background Edit

A Ranger's main duty is to drive back the white weed. The White Tiger Orchid was once a rare and valuable flower, but one day a Rusty scientist decided to modify its genes in order to allow the flower to grow in more climates, but the work was done too well and the orchid became an incredibly effective weed, choking out all other plant life and creating vast, uninhabitable deserts, which the Rangers called biological ground zero.

The Rangers tried many things to stop the weed from spreading, but found that only fire worked really well. They modified Rusty helicopters to shoot out fire onto the flowers, which is then spread by the wind of the helicopter's blades. Although they can't eliminate the weed, they can at least hope to contain it.

At some point, the Rangers near Tally's city were contacted by the Smoke. They agreed to pick up runaways in their helicopter and drop them off at a predetermined rendezvous point in exchange for the Smokies' help fighting the weed.

Uglies Edit

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Tally first meets the Rangers by almost being burned to death by their helicopter. Luckily, they spot her before its too late and give her fresh oxygen and new shoes, hers having been ruined by the heat. They explain to her who they are and what they do before dropping her off at the rendezvous point. Tally notices that they have a confidence she never saw before in a Pretty, and later realizes that they don't have the brain lesions.

Specials Edit

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The Rangers still pick up runaways all over the place and transport them to the New Smoke, located in Diego. They continue to do so even after the Diego War, refusing to abandon the runaways.

Trivia Edit

  • Many Rangers are from the city of Diego.
  • The members of the Naturals clique often become Rangers.