In the Uglies series, a reputation economy is where people that are more famous get more currency. They can buy and request more goods.


In Extras, an unnamed city in Japan, possibly the whole country, uses the reputation economy. Fame itself operates on face rank. The more your name is mentioned or the more visits you have to your news feeds, the more your face-rank will grow. Having a higher face-rank will allow you to:

  • Request ownership of an apartment. The apartment will be more extravagant based on your face-rank. the higher it is, the better it will be.
  • Request items from the "hole in the wall". It will give you anything from clothes to hoverboards.
  • Have status in the community. The books title partially comes from the name of those in the city that are low in face rank, unknown to the public, Extras. When you're an Extra, you fade into the backround. In part of the book, it talks about Aya sending the highest ranking pings to the top of the pile. She calls these the "Important" people and the extras go to the bottom to be sorted through when she has time.

Apart from face-rank there are points that can be obtained from the City Council. These are called Merit Points, and are good citizen points that are awarded for a variety of activities including:

  • Completing homework on time
  • Being on time to classes
  • Babysitting "Littlies"
  • In some instances, helping the community by kicking a story. This is only mentioned once in the book.
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