The Rusty civilization existed at least three hundred years before the Prettytime. They get their name from the metal ruins that are all that remains of their world.

History Edit

At least three hundred years before the Prettytime, there were over ten billion Rusties on Earth. More than half of the planet's land mass was taken over by the Rusties for living space and the farms, mines, oil fields, and factories that supported them. At their peak, a hundred species became extinct every day. They consumed enough energy to have their city lights seen from space and each Rusty produced two kilograms of garbage per day. Some scientists even messed with the genes of living things, one of which was the white tiger orchid. haha a edit

It used to be a rare flower, but one day a Rusty scientist wanted to make more money off of the orchids, and so changed the genetic code in order to allow the plant to grow in more climates. However, the job was done too well and the beautiful white tiger orchid became a beautiful white weed, choking out all other competition and reducing vast areas to biological ground zero. But that wasn't the only deadly entity they created: They might have also engineered the oil bug that ultimately destroyed the Rusty era entirely.

The Rusty Crash Edit

No one knows for certain how the Rusty Crash started, but one day a virus that attacked oil was created. Perhaps it was a well-meaning scientist trying to solve the problem of oil spills, maybe it was a new terrorist weapon, it may have even been a creation of nature, life itself striking back. When the virus interacted with oil, it changed its chemical structure. Overnight, any oil that had been in contact with the virus became so unstable it would explode on contact with air. Suddenly, every car was a bomb and every oil field, a firestorm. The flames would emit oily smoke that carried the spores of the virus into the air and soon, it spread across the entire world. Many Rusties couldn't escape their giant, fiery cities and died in their burning cars.

The wrecked planet's rivers were dirty and its land wouldn't grow food, causing the surviving Rusties to fight over all the resources left, combining starvation with bloodshed. In that last Rusty decade, ninety-eight percent of humanity died. Soon, all that remained of the Rusty world were vast areas full of metal ruins.

☀What do kids learn about (and think about) the Rusties and the way they lived? Edit

  • Somehow, a few Rusty magazines survived the Crash and made it to the Smoke's library.
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