Seanan was the brother of Frey and Rafi.

Biography Edit

Kidnapping Edit

Seanan was kidnapped as an attempt to get his Father to step down from office. When he refused the kidnappers never returned him. Seanan's mother was shot and killed trying to protect him, and he was presumed dead within the records of Shreve.

Seanan was never returned to his Father, but was given to a crew of rebels to be raised and trained as a resistance fighter. He recruited and trained many other rebels, including X.

Death Edit

When Seanan finally returned to Shreve, he was on a mission to strike at the city's dignitaries. Unfortunately, his Father's presence was canceled at the last moment, and his younger sister Rafia was substituting as the keynote speaker. Frey performed her duties as a bodyguard and killed the unrecognized assassin.

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