"Sneak suits are quite heavy, high-duty items. The sneak-suits also change your voice when you talk and you can talk privately to someone else in a sneak suit by touching them. Icy, right?

Tally Youngblood, Specials

Sneak Suits are devices used mostly by Specials, including the Crims, to camouflage themselves without using conventional methods. Some citizens of the now destroyed Smoke managed to get sneak suits from the city of Diego.

Abilities Edit

Sneak suits have special sensors that change color to match the background, much like an octopus or chameleon. Sneak suits are said to have armor abilities to them - they are able to detect a high heart rate and go into "armor mode." In "armor mode," the scales change to black shields, protecting against almost anything. They can also be turned slippery or spiky depending on the user's needs. Sneak-suits also keep in body heat in cold places as they turn white or gray.

Teams equipped with sneak suits can communicate with each other by touching them, and sneak suits contain voice filters.

Similar camouflage methods include the surgery "Pixel Skins" have, as described in Extras.

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