The tribe is a Pre-Rusty group of people that work together for survival and power.

History Edit

The tribe near Tally's city are kept on a reservation ringed by "little men" (which are in reality powerful neuro-scramblers) to keep them inside. Every month or so, a group of middle-pretty anthropologists come to study them. The tribe views the pretties as gods due to their incredible beauty.

The tribe's members are very adept at tracking, hunting, and fishing. The average life span is about 30-35 years, and you are considered "old" if you reach 40 years.

Pretties Edit

Andrew Simpson Smith is the holy man of the tribe. He speaks the "God's Tongue" and deals with the anthropologists when they come.

When Tally arrives on the reservation by accident, she is disgusted by the way the tribe lives. When their hunters first see her, they try to attack, thinking she is a rival. When they see her new pretty face, they think she is a god and take her back to their village. Tally is astonished to see a place where everyone, even the adults, are ugly. She is also taken aback by the fact that they have holes instead of toilets. She was initially repulsed by the way they slept (in giant heaps), but soon finds it sweet. When Tally and Andrew go to see the "little men", she gets upset at how he expects her to cook the food just because she is a girl.