Tally before she becomes a Pretty.

For the book, see Uglies (book).

Uglies are people who are typically aged twelve to sixteen who have not had the Pretty Operation yet.  

History Edit

Once they turn twelve, children move out of their parents' house in the suburbs and move into the Uglyville dorms where they attend classes, such as biology and history, and pull tricks until their sixteenth birthdays. They are conditioned to believe that they are ugly, making them desire the Operation. They are encouraged to call each other Ugly nicknames based on their "imperfections", such as Fatty, Squint, and Slouch, are given unflattering, basic dorm uniforms to wear, and they play with morphology software that allows them to generate ideas of what they may look like as Pretties.

Close to their sixteenth birthdays, Uglies are throroughly examined and measured by surgeons so that they can make the Operation go as smoothly as possible. On the big day, the Uglies gather up what belongings they want to take with them to New Pretty Town and are taken by hovercar to the hospital.

Some Uglies are unable to undergo the surgery and are known as Uglies-for-life. They are allowed to go out in public, but they are usually too ashamed and choose instead to hide themselves.

Uglies kill time until their sixteenth birthdays by hoverboarding, playing sports, and pulling tricks.

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