Slang is a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically re]]]]]scapnf ekwrlfm rgkhejfknmgmkjfkgmkrfmkfbkfbfkejstricted to a particular context or group of people.[1] In Uglies, the Pretties use slang frequently with each other.

Background Edit

Scott Westerfeld was kind enough to include a section about slang in Bogus to Bubbly.

Notice there is a trend of slang words ending in the sound of "ee" (icy, bubbly, crumbly, pretty, ugly).

Bogus to Bubbly, Scott Westerfeld

Uglies slangEdit

Bloodies: Slang for Bloody Mary's, a type of drink which includes vodka and seasoned tomato juice.

Bogus: A negative adjective central to new-pretty slang. Can be synonymous with bad, boring, or dumb, depending on the context.

Bubbly: A positive adjective central to new-pretty slang. Can be synonymous to good, cool, or awesome, depending on the context. Primarily used by Pretties and so is consequently considered a "bubblehead" word. Also Tally and Zane's code word for being able to think clearly, outside the influence of lesions.

Bubblehead: Dumb, happy-go-lucky, ignorant, vapid. Primarily used by Specials as a derogatory term for Pretties who have lesions. After the mind-rain, it is used to mean dumb or stupid.

Crim: A member of the clique known as "The Crims". They participate in criminal acts and/or have gotten into serious trouble because of it. Comes from the word "criminal".

Crumblies: A slang term for late pretties who live in the suburbs. However, littlies, Uglies, and New Pretties tend to refer to their middle-pretty parents as "my Crumblies".

Icy: A positive adjective used among Cutters, and perhaps Specials as a whole. Used to indicate level-headedness, or a generally cool demeanor, free from distracting thoughts. It's a more specific, Special version of the bubbleheaded-word Bubbly.

Lifters: The magnetic lifters inside anything that hovers over iron, found in hoverboards, hovercars, etc.

Littlies: The term for children from birth to age eleven. They live with their parents and are considered too cute to be ugly until they turn twelve.

Ping: A message sent across the city interface by interface ring or by skintenna. Possibly derived from the sound it makes upon arrival.

Surge: A nickname for surgery. Presumed to be mostly used by younger people since most older characters never reference it.

(Insert mood here)-making: Basically, any mood can go before "-making," and it just means that the event/person/thing is feeling that mood. For example, "That stunt was nervous-making," means the person was nervous.

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