Hello, my name is Kayla Thomston, and I am an ugly. Just like all the other uglies, I will have my surgery when I turn 16, which is in exactly 3 months and 12 days. I'm SO excited! Little did I know, was that one ugly would change my life forever. I was walking in the woods one day, when I suddenly heard footsteps coming toward me. I hoped that it wasn't a guard or a pretty or anyone like that. I got down, hoping that the person wouldn't see me. He came right though the bushes and almost stepped on me.

?: Oh, I'm terribly sorry! (helps Kay up) Are you ok?

Kay: Yeah, I'm fine. I...

(Kay looks in the boy's eyes for the first time. His eyes were a light blue color, and his hair was a dirty blond. He wasn't too ugly, but wasn't a pretty yet, either. Kay's dark brown hair and bangs blew in the wind.)

?: My name is Oliver. What's your name?

Kay: (swallows) Uhh...I'm Kayla. Just call me Kay, though.

Oliver: Ok, Kay. (smiles)

Kay: (smiles back) I think I'll call you Olive! Is that ok with you?

Oliver: (laughs a little) Sure! I've never heard of a nickname like that!

Kay: Yeah..(giggles) just popped in my head when you told me your name. (smiles) And I love olives!

Olive: I've never had an olive.

Kay: You never had an olive?! (jaw drops)

Olive: No.

Kay: There's a little olive tree in the woods behind my house. C'mon, let's go there!

(Kay and Olive arrive at Kay's olive bush. Kay picks an olive off for Olive)

Kay; Go ahead, try it! (gives olive to Olive)

Olive: (eats it. He puckers his lips) Eh...kinda strong...

Kay: just have to get used to the flavor. Then you'll LOVE them!

(To be continued...)