(Kay and Olive sat under Kay's olive tree. Kay was munching on the olives, but Olive didn't want any more)

Kay: So...when do you turn?

Olive: 1 month and 15 days.

Kay: Are you serious? That's IT? I've got like, 3 months, and...

Olive: I'm not getting it.

Kay: (looks nervous) N..not getting what?

Olive: The operation.

Kay: T..that's impossible, you can't..not get the operation.

Olive: Yes, it is know that some uglies refuse to have the operation, and they run away? Well, I want to run away, too.

Kay: But why?

Olive: I don't want to be what someone else wants me to be. I want to be me

Kay: What...what do mean?

Olive: I mean that..I don't want to have the operation, and I don't want to be what some surgeon wants me to be.

Kay: Um, Olive..who wouldn't want to be pretty?

Olive: Me.

(It is silent for a minute, then Olive turns to Kay)

Olive: I want you to come with me!

Kay: Olive, no..I can't...

Olive: Give me one good reason why you can't.

Kay: I..want to be pretty, know that. I want to be what everyoe else is...

Olive: You want to be lke everyone else...that's the one part I don't like about you, Kay.

(Olive gets up and walks away. Tears come to Kay's eyes.)