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  • ShadowBobcat10

    Hello wikians, and welcome to the Ulglies Wiki Log. I, your friendly neighborhood admin, will introduce new features, featured articles, and when the time comes, featured users.

    Our first order of business is the new features. Recently, Achievements, Chat, Comments, Forum, and Message Walls have been activated to make the wiki more up to date.

    The current featured article is Uglies (book) and will remain so until further notice (aka when I have time :P). If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment bellow.

    Featured users will come into effect as soon as there are at least 10 active users. (edited within the week)

    That's it for this time! Happy editing. Shadow E. Bobcat (talk) (guestbook)

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  • ShadowBobcat10

    Admin Wanted!

    September 11, 2015 by ShadowBobcat10

    Admin Wanted!

    At the current moment, this wiki has NO ACTIVE ADMINS! That means anything to do with the wiki has to go through us normal users, and we don't have the rights to do everything.

    An active admin can help with vandalism issues, locking down specific pages or blocking problem users. They can help promote the site and give credit to well earned users.

    I encourage someone out there, preferably someone with a good amount of edits, to adopt this wiki. I would myself, but I have too many wikis at the current moment.

    If you decide to take action, let the community know so we can cheer you on. Good Luck! :)

    So, no one has responded. Does that mean you guys are all okay with me adopting the wiki? If anyone objects, or if anyone wants to be …

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